Hello there lovely to meet you!
Thanks so much for stopping by.

I am  Stevi  but I’m sure you got that by now.

I am the maker and lover of all things design and colour. I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design) and I am most definitely an extrovert who loves to talk. By Stevi is my place where I can explore my creativity through a medium where I only have so much control. This is a good thing for me as I tend to be (not tend, always am) a perfectionist and this can get in the way of letting my creativity flow because I start to judge it. I love working with resin and the way that each product is one of a kind. I get so excited (like as excited as a child is at Christmas, I do love Christmas) when pulling the products out of the mold because then it’s true beauty is revealed and I am always amazed at the way the colours have worked together to created amazing details.